Bible, The English

Bible, The English
   The English Version of the Bible as we now have it, commonly called the "Authorized Version" was set forth A. D. 1611. It was the work of many hands and of several generations. The translation made by William Tyndale, A.D. 1525, is regarded as the foundation or primary version, as the versions that followed were substantially reproductions of it. Three successive stages may be recognized in the work of translation; (1) The publication of the Great Bible in 1540; (2) The Bishop's Bible of 1568 and 1572 in the reign of Elizabeth, and (3) The publication of the King's Bible in 1611 in the reign of James I. Thus the form in which the English Bible has now been read for more than 300 years was the result of various revisions made between 1525 and 1611. This old and familiar version of the Bible was revised A.D. 1881 by a large body of English and American scholars, but their revision has never become very popular.
   See Lectionary, also Scriptures in Prayer Book.

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